This short documentary is about The Fire Dance Festival of the Pa Then ethnic community in the northern part of Vietnam. It’s also about the stories of the people who are making efforts to preserve the tradition from losing. —— Wanderful Dreamers Team Directed & Edited by: Duc Tran Filmed by: Quan Doan & Duc...
Hoi An – The ancient town in Vietnam is full of colors. Not only from vivid lanterns in every corner, but also from the brown of clay in Thanh Ha Pottery Village, the green of vegetable in Tra Que to the blue of Cua Dai river. This is a video of our 2 day trip...
A short film of the journey to dive deeper into the soulful Indonesia. Not a showcase of beautiful spots or landscape scenery, but more about the people and their mutual relations with culture. Filmed in our 9 days in Yogyakarta and Bali, around the time of Nyepi Day 2018 (New Year of Bali), when many...
We spent 4 days in Hue, a beautiful place in the middle of Vietnam. People say it’s quite dull here and nothing much to entertain, but we felt differently, and this video is the way to change that opinion. Hue is such a unique song with a high and low melody. From the soothing sound...
‘Mingalabar’ means ‘Hello’ in Burmese (Myanmar language). Our twelve-day trip to Myanmar (Burma) was a mixture of varied emotions. From the dreamlike Inle Lake to the dramatic Air-balloons Festival in Taunggyi, back to the peaceful sunrise on Ubein Bridge and sunrise in nostagic Bagan… ——– Directed & Edited: Duc Tran Filmed: Quan Doan & Duc...
A significant part of Ninh Thuan’s population is the Cham ethnic minority group, which makes an interesting Champa cultures, architectures and festivals. Kate is the most important festival of the Cham living here. ————- Directing & Edit: Duck Tran Camera: Ted Doan & Duck Tran Our gears: Sony A6000 & Sony A6300 Edited with Adobe...

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Tụi mình bắt đầu chuyến du lịch ra nước ngoài đầu tiên vào năm 2014, tới Malaysia, chuyến đi “ngốn” gần như cả gia tài của hai đứa vào thời điểm đó. Được truyền cảm hứng sau chuyến đi, tụi mình bắt đầu đam mê và lên kế hoạch khám phá những cùng đất mới…

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